GKI is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of its child and adult members as well as its staff.

Safeguarding Contacts

GKI Welfare Officer

Sensei Matt Taylor 

Telephone: 07766684254

Telephone: 01189706943



GKI Welfare Officer

Carly Barrett-Greening


Telephone: 07850 732303





For more information about the safeguarding contacts in your area please see the GKI Safeguarding Contacts


Safeguarding Policies

GKI-Safeguarding-Policy-Children 2022

GKI-Safeguarding-Policy-Adults 2022

GKI-Safeguarding-Statement 2022

Distribution of Safeguarding Policy

GKI-Safe-Practice-Policy 2022


Safeguarding Procedures and Practices

Role of Welfare Officer

Complaints Procedure

Code of Conduct Staff

Code of Conduct Children

Code of Conduct Parents

Social Media Policy

Sources of Help Childline Poster

Risk Assessment Template


Safeguarding Code Application Documents

To apply for the Safeguarding code you will need these documents:


Safeguarding Code Application Step by Step

GKI Safeguarding Policy – Children

GKI Safeguarding Policy – Adults

GKI Safeguarding Statement

GKI Safeguarding Contacts

GKI Safe Practice Policy

Risk Assessment Template