Grading System

What is a Grading?

Gradings are a measure of achievement and students should be encouraged to progress at a pace which stretches them but within achievable limits. They should be rewarded for their efforts and grading with the receipt of that grade and certificate along with a different coloured belt enhances the feel good factor. Children in particular like the recognition they get when wearing a different colour of belt.

Grading frequency

It is recommended that gradings should occur every 12 to 13 weeks i.e. 4 times per annum. The student should attend at least 18 training sessions between gradings.

Belt Colour System

Adults follow the main belt colour system and children follow this with the inclusion of the intermediate mon grade system. These mon grades should be recognised with the wearing of a contrasting stripe through the whole length of the belt. Experience has shown that the children do not always have to take all three mon grades to achieve the required standard of a whole Kyu (full colour belt) advancement. The following belt system has been adopted by the GKI. It is the case that as the student reaches purple belt and towards brown belt that the length of time between gradings increases to 6 month intervals. This in practice means that the student would rarely need to pass through the mon grades at this stage and that the limited availability of belt colours at this point should not prove a problem. If the student does pass a mon grade then the normal practice of putting a black band at the end of the belt isĀ adopted.