Information for Students

GKI England Licence Fees

Under 18£16
Family of 3£40
Additional Family Members£5
New GKI Licence book £5 payable with first licence application

All members must have a current GKI licence before being graded.

Kyu Grading Fees

Grade AttemptedExamination Fee Registration Fee Examiner(s) RequiredTime since last GradingNotes
9,8,7 kyu  1st Dan / Club Instructor 3 months 
6,5,4 kyu1st Dan / Club Instructor 3 months 
3, 2, 1 kyu 2nd Dan / Club Instructor6 months 
1 kyu 3rd Dan 6 months

Black Belt Grading Fees

Grade AttemptedExamination Fee (note 1)Registration Fee (note 2)Examiner(s) RequiredTime since last GradingNotes
1st Dan (junior)£30.00£20.00GKI Panel6 monthsAged 12 to 14
1st Dan (cadet)£30.00£20.00GKI Panel9 monthsAged 14 to 16
1st Dan£35.00£20.00GKI Panel1 yearAge 16 +
2nd Dan (cadet)£35.00£20.00GKI Panel2 yearsAge 16 to 18
2nd Dan£40.00£20.00GKI Panel2 yearsAge 18 +
3rd Dan£45.00£20.00GKI Panel3 yearsAge 21 +
4th Dan£50.00£20.00GKI Panel4 yearsAge 25 +
5th Dan£55.00£20.00GKI Panel5 yearsPanel includes Chief Instructor
6th Dan +£60.00£20.00GKI Panel6 + years 

Grading Rules

Certificates will only be awarded at the grading Gasshuku to candidates who have applied on the GKI website and completed the grading application forms, with photographs  (preferably electronic pdf file format) at least four weeks before the grading.

All black belt gradings above Nidan will be carried out at a GKI Gasshuku by the grading panel.

Gradings for 1st and 2nd Dan may be done at Mini-Gasshukus where previously agreed. Only members from the dojos of the host country may attempt a black belt grade at a Mini Gasshuku.

Any exception to these rules must be ratified by the technical committee in advance.