Dojo Rules

Always bow when entering or leaving the dojo training area. This also applies to sports halls, etc.

If the class has started, kneel and wait to be invited by the instructing sensei to join the class. When joining the class do not walk in front of the sensei or the class. Do not eat, chew gum, drink or smoke in the dojo. Remove all forms of jewellery before beginning training. If you wear a ring that you are unable to remove be sure to cover it with a plaster. Keep your nails short and clean.

Bow to your partner before and after training. Do not chat during class. Learn to pay attention. When addressed by the sensei, listen carefully, make sure that you understand the communication, then acknowledge with an affirmative “Yes, Sensei”. There is no place in the organisation for aggressive or dis-courteous behaviour.

Dojo Kun (Training) Rules

We will always endeavour to:

  • Be humble, courteous and honourable.
  • Regulate our practice to our physical condition.
  • Study and practice only in earnestness.
  • Be composed, tranquil and alert to produce reflex thought and action.
  • Take care of our health.
  • Lead simple lives.
  • Be united and unceasing in our endeavours in spite of all obstacles.

The study of Karate involves many aspects, an important one of which is dicipline. Students are taught to respect their teacher, fellow students and themselves, to have regard for the society in which we live and to contribute in a positive way. Students learn to dicipline their minds, to enable them to concentrate better and to focus their minds and bodies.